Stale price feed preventing new orders

A stale price feed on a coin that was de-listed from Poloniex is preventing new orders due to the “max… allowed deviation” constraint. Odd thing is yesterday after upgrading to v1.1.2 the price showed “N/A” and I was able to create an order however today with the stale price showing again I cannot. Also the order that was submitted while price was “N/A” cannot be edited due to “buyers security deposit not within constraint defined by the DAO” which is odd but I think related. Any way to have the stale price feed cleared (or Max Deviation ignored) so current pricing can be set on orders?

Seing your question also on slack, it seems you speak about BTM.

BTM was introduced in january 2019
For what I see, it seems to have 0 trades up to now, which normally leads to delisting ( )

DAO/Asset listing shows BTM as “in trial period”.
I don’t know if this is a lack of update, or somebody paying to have BTM relisted ?

Yes, the Team is working to reboot the project and one of the technical leads keen on having a presence on bisq submitted the 30-day re-listing and so trying to establish trading we’ve encountered the trading constraints tied to the stale price. The tech lead found a useful article but with no pricing presently available to support that it seems we’ve hit a brick wall with the stake price.

I don’t know exactly how the relisting via paying 30 BSQ will work. (afaik, BTM should be the first !).
I guess that it will be necessary to wait for the next release in order to have BTM fully relisted.
If I were you, I would open an issue on the github in order to be sure that the dev in charge will not miss the relisting for the next release.

Ok so now after re-sync’ing the DAO on two workstations the BTM/BTC price is showing “N/A” and new orders can be entered however when trying to edit a pre-existing Alt Buy order the interface still returns the warning “the buyer’s security deposit not within the constraints defined by the bisq DAO” so apparently that’s not related to the pricing issue, therefore opened a separate ticket for that issue.

btw - the relist worked without a hitch to re-enable the BTM/BTC Altcoin Account to be added enabling new orders to be established however now the price of existing orders can’t be edited due to the above “security deposit not within the constraints” issue. Will check back to see if other’s can edit price of existing orders and if not will post an issue to the Github. Thx

fwiw, I see 2 BTM offers in the appli. 1 buy + 1 sell.

It’s good to see that relisting worked as intended. It’s immediate and handled within the DAO. When the BSQ are burnt to relist, each client will be able to see that BSQ has been burnt to relist an asset.


Of greater concern, as posted to Slack, than occasionally having the offer price constrained by the sporadically appearing stale market price, is whether an offer could get corrupted if a counterparty attempts to take the offer with an excessive market deviation derived after the offer was posted.