Standby mode

My computer keeps telling me that bisq goes into standby mode. I have avoid standby mode in the settings. I’m not sure if windows is telling it to go to sleep. Can anybody help on what I need to do to avoid this standby message? My computer is set to never sleep


Please explain better, is it Windows that tells you Bisq has gone into standby, or is it rather Bisq itself, with a dialogue internal to the application, that tells you that the PC has gone into sleep?
Usually, it’s the latter than happens.

I have experienced the same issue recently. Bisq is giving me an error saying my computer went into standby mode and that I should disable it. However my computer did not go into standby mode and standby has already been disabled.

I’ve also experienced the same issue with bisq on my Debian (stable/Bullseye) computer. I’ve seen the notice not only if the screenlock came on when I step away from my desk, but also when bisq is running but minimized while I work in another application.