Start from scratch (Debian)

Ok, so I’ve done quite a few trades so far. Now, for the next trades, I want to start from scratch, for better anonymity / smaller possibility of correlation between trades.

I found that the data is saved in


so I’ve just renamed this directory and started Bisq again.
The Bisq dir is then recreated on launch of the program.

It looks good - none of my past trades are there, no accounts etc. That’s exactly what I wanted.

My questions:

  • Is this enough? is this equivalent to installing Bisq on a new machine, or are there more records / logs / settings saved elsewhere?
  • Should I expect any problems with what I did? if everything works well I’d use the “shred” command to completely remove the content.
  • Other suggestions to improve anonymity and reduce the chance of correlation?

Thanks! and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in this project. It is really an amazing solution.

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afaik, it is enough. Nothing is saved elsewhere on your local machine.

afaik, no problems to expect, but be however aware that by erasing the directory you also lose your trading history. If you want to save you trading history you can export it under csv format.

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Yeah, you should be fine now. Bisq doesn’t store any data elsewhere.

Just don’t use block explorers without a Tor browser. As Manfred pointed out, they are all likely in a btc address/IP correlation business.

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