Start promotion of coin listing at Bisq before submitting a push

Im the developer of a new open source stablecoin, it is fully functional since march 2018, it has block explorer and android app and i think it comply all the Bisq requirements.

The coin community is still very low but growing. The question is if there would be any problem if we announce that the coin will be listed at Bisq?

We want to list it at bisq just when our community has grown and have sufficient time to help our community members use Bisq for trading, as it have some big differences to centralized exchanges.

Bisq would be the official exchange and it will be fully expressed at the coin website and social media.

We would like to include it to Bisq once the community grow more.


I think thats a great idea and a smart move. Glad to see others using a similar approach. I believe altcoins have yet to see their day on Bisq…and this I hope to be a part in changing. I will help support and promote your coin as well to DRGL community, so long as it does indeed fit the values of Dragonglass & / or Bisq. It is up to us- as altcoins - to make the altcoin community thrive, after all.

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You can say whatever you want about Bisq to your community.
It is an open source project, it is fully up to you.

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Did your stablecoin had an ICO or something like ?

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no, there is not and there was no ICO

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You have probably seen it, but the doc about listing an asset is here:

I think it’s a good idea to start new coin promotion before listing.
Hopefully such efforts will be useful.
Good luck.

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Yes, i already saw the requirements, Thanks!

@juantellez whats the coin name? website

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Hi AJT, the site is, but the information is outdated as im working in a new fork and i will make a SWAP. I hope to get all up and ready in a few weeks. At this time we are on testnet.