Startup does not complete - seems to be waiting on P2P network peers


About 7 hours ago the application lost its P2P network peers. After a while I restarted the bitsquare application and now it just sits on startup screen with about 8 P2P network peers. (about 7 hours I have waited)

Am I doing anything wrong. It has been working previously since setting it up and got the arbitrators set up 2 days or so.

I checked that my firewall wasn’t interfering after a few hours and even turning it off made no difference.

See the image

Can you try to restart and see if it still does not connect?
Sometimes there is a broken Tor circuit but very rare…
If you don’t have any funds/trades/offers/disputes you can also remove (backup first) the app data directory and start over new.

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I restarted the computer once and the APP a number of times.

It doesn’t seem to have connected overnight either

Strange. It does connect usually in about 30 sec. max. 1-2 min.
Try to move the data directory to another location (don’t delete it if u have used it already before!).
So if the data dir is not there it will be newly created. So you can see if was related to that.
Otherwise if it still fails it is some network issue in your environment.

You can find the data directory under those locations:
Mac OSX: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Bitsquare
Linux: /home/username/.local/share/Bitsquare
Windows 7,8: C:\Documents and Settings\username\AppData\Roaming\Bitsquare
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Bitsquare

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It worked with moving the bitsquare data.

The start up screen closed and the market screen came up in about 30 secs to a minute and has 2 P2P network peers. Also still syncing with main net (has 9 bitcoin network peers)

Before it was on the main screen with what seemed to be waiting for enough P2P network peers, but this one with the empty data works with just 2 whereas the data with my trades in it is still on startup screen with 8 P2P network peers.

The one with my trades had been running for around 2 days after adding all the trades and I had done nothing to it.

Any ideas?

Edit: also the empty data also has no arbitrators to select which was what happened the very first time I used it. The very first time I had to wait an hour or two before any arbitrators showed up.

Edit2: now trying the original dataset and its sitting on the startup page.

Edit3: do not know if this is significant - I had set the option for mainnet not to use Tor.

Edit4: Its really strange I have 11 P2P network peers but it still won’t go from the startup screen to normal screens. There seems to be something in the data files that is causing the bitsquare app to get hung up on the startup page

EDIT5: sorry for all these edits, but I am trying to provide as much info as possible

Another thing that might help is that just before it all went belly up is that my internet connection was experiencing interruptions and intermittent dropouts for about an hour. During this time the app said it lost tor connections

And since then my internet link has been good and the app will not go past the startup page even though it has plenty of bitcoin network peers (11 & synchronized with mainlet) and it has what should be plenty of P2P network peers (10 or 11 and hidden service published)

To me it seems that the intermittent internet connectivity problems for that hour caused a state in the data set which is causing this problem

I based that partly on the fact that if I use a new clean data (delete the data directory) it works and only requires 2 or 3 P2P network peers in order to proceed past the startup page

Is there any way to copy over parts of the data that contains my ?account? info and trades (request to buy BTC) onto a newly created data set that has not got the connection problems

Thanks for all the detailed info. Would be be ok to send me the db folder inside the data directory (PATH_TO_DATA_DIR/Bitsquare/mainnet/db)? So excluding the bitcoin wallet, private keys for the P2P network and the tor hidden service key.
I am pretty sure it is not related to those data so for debugging dont need it and then you still can go on using your app with that wallet and tor node and no risk that i could steal your btc or interfere your P2P network node ;-).
If you dont want to do that (i could see the trade history/offers/disputes from the db data) i can instruct you further which database items we could try to replace, but might be a bit cumbersome.
You can find my email on the webpage/contact (manfred@…)

Update on situation, the app finally went past the startup screen after some 15 or so more hours.

Off the cuff guess is that there is some error counter retry that eventually cleared out. But that seems odd so it is likely to be something else.

Yes I can send you the db directory (win 7) (2 rar files)

I am up and running.though after leaving it run for a day or more

Something you could examine is that it also takes 2+ hours for arbitrators to show up on a new install.

There is definitely something wrong. That is not normal and I never heard about that so far.
Also arbitrators should be availlable directly at start up.
I tested yesterday all 4 seednodes and all are ok.
I will look soon into it with your data. thanks!

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