Status of offer always gets disabled after short time

I created a new offer to buy BTC. The offer always disappears from the list of trades, on the the list of open offers it then appears as disabled.
Changing the status back to enabled, or changing the price, or rebooting the client… nothing helps, the status always changes to be disabled after some time.
My client version is 1.9.8. The maker fee transaction is confirmed. The only maybe unusual fact is that I have another open trade (I wait for the BTC sellers confirmation) - but I think that should’nt be a problem?.


I am encountering the same issue currently where offer is removed from the market after a short time and appears disabled. I don’t have a current trade open.

Client v 1.9.8
Using custom node
Using Tor for Bitcoin network
Maker fee transaction confirmed

Troubleshooting attempts:
Made new transaction
Rebooted client
Deleted and re-synced SPV chain
Deleted outdated tor files
Re-downloaded v1.9.8

All unsuccessful at resolving issue.

Seems to have been a network related problem… Today I started the client, set the offer to active and now the (same) offer works as usual.
Can anyone explain what the problem was?

@Carsen and @Dino

There is currently an issue where offers with BSQ used for the trade fees might end up being disabled. There is a pull request to fix this that will be included in the next release: Validate BSQ fee payment using DAO tx info. by jmacxx · Pull Request #6425 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub

The bug does not affect all offers, just the ones paid with BSQ and even then only some of the time. For current offers affect you can leave them and activate them next release to avoid wasting your trade and mining fees.

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In my case the offer was not paid with BSQ.
Anyway the problem does not occur any longer.

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