Still waiting for my BTC after 2 weeks of payment

Bought some BTC Mach 26th. ran into some problem with my Zelle payment method due to the change in daily amount allowed by my bank.
Then requested for support, an arbitrator assigned, the arbitrator help to resolve the issue, I then sent the cash in 2 batch, final payment received by seller on the 28th of March.
Last time I’ve heard from arbitrator, March 30th. today is April 8th, still waiting to either hear back from the arbitrator or get my BTC.
What could have caused it to be taking this long?

@cbeams this should be your trade, I think

@trade17 can you provide a trade ID of your trade so Chris can look it up?

I assume however that this is due to some sort of network error and that the trade is already closed and payout done. Either way, no need to worry as long as you know your seed words.

The trade ID is 31009

I’m looking into this now.

For some reason the payout transaction never took place. @trade17, I just reopened the arbitration ticket for trade 31009 and sent you a test message. It appears you are offline now. Please get your Bisq client online, and send me a message both in Bisq and here via the forum. Once you’re back online, I’ll try to re-issue the payout transaction. Worst case scenario is that we’ll need to do a manual payout, but that’s not too hard either. In any case, your funds are safe and we’ll get them to you.

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Got your test massage.
Sorry, just woke up, I’m now back online.

No problem. I just re-closed the ticket, and it worked this time. The payout transaction is here:

Thank you very much, I can see the BTC now coming through!

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