Still waiting until payment has started

On Saturday 01 September I placed an offer to sell Bitcoin (Trade ID: 2imudjff). The offer was quickly taken and the trade process moved to “Wait until payment has started”.

The problem is that nothing has changed since then. I can only assume that the buyer still has not started the payment. I have also checked my bank account and no payment has arrived either.

The payment method is SEPA so it should be a really straight forward process but now I am concerned that even if the buyer starts the payment that it will not complete on time.

What should I do?

Did you already trade with this buyer ? or was it the first time ?

Is there something in the “failed trades” tab ? (I guess not, but better to be sure).

Hi Homard,

Thank you for your reply.

I havd not traded with the buyer before and I do not see any failed trade.

The app just says that it is waiting on the buyer to start the payment, but it has been like this since Saturday.

I also forgot to mention that I am using Bisq v0.8.0 so I doubt that it is from a bug.

SEPA has 6 days max. trade period, so you have to wait until that is over and then the app shows a “open dispute” button. So once that is over click that to open a dispute. In case the peer has not paid you will receive his security deposit as compensation.

2 or 3 days is rather usual with SEPA.
Given there’s a sunday, even more.
(In France the banks are closed sunday+monday).
So I guess you could still wait a bit.

Anyway, when the time has expired, you will be able to open a dispute. (ctrl+o or cmd+o depending on your OS).
Then, if your buyer didn’t pay, you’ll get your BTC back (they’re actually locked in a multisig address).
You’ll also get the buyer’s security deposit as compensation.

OK guys

Thank you.
I guess I will just have to wait the final 3 days and see does anything change.
If not then I will open a dispute.

Thanks again.:+1: