Strange Fees

Ok so I created a BTC buy offer on 12-21 and cancelled it on 12-23. On 12-23 I posted a new offer that has yet to be taken, but I have been charged two “Maker and tx fee(s)” and one labelled “Withdrawn from wallet”, all for .0028 BTC. The first and third are labelled “Maker and tx fee”, but the second I did not withdraw and it looks like it is charging me for taking down my first offer, as it is time stamped one minute before the third (I posted my next offer soon after taking down the first). First of all, why am I being charged for removing my first offer after I have already paid the posting (and mining) fee?? Second, when I created and cancelled buy offers on 12-5 and 12-6, I was only charged a posting fee of .000444 BTC and not a mining fee. And I had been charged a posting and mining fee for a taken but later cancelled buy offer on 12-15. So when did people start getting charged mining fees for trades that BTC doesn’t actually move, and can I get refunded for my strange second charge? What’s up with this guys.

I had a bit of problem following all of this. I think a screenshot of the transaction history would be more helpful here to easily get the picture of what happened.

@cbeams might be most helpful here to look into this case :slight_smile:

and I also have .001 BTC reserved in offers, but I am only involved in one open trade with a security deposit of .0005 BTC. This is part of the problem.

Hi @KingB, I am processing a backlog of these issues, and need as much help as I can get from users to expedite things. Please take a few minutes to provide me with the the following items, or as many of the following items as you can:

  • screenshot of your Portfolio->Failed screen
  • screenshot of the trade details / info (i) screen from any failed trade
  • paste the transaction hashes (maker / taker / deposit transactions) from that info screen
  • paste the transaction hashes of any other transactions you believe are relevant to this issue
  • screenshot of your Funds->Send funds screen
  • screenshot of your Funds->Transactions screen
  • specify the amount of BTC you believe you should be reimbursed

Please understand that due to the Christmas holidays and an upcoming conference, it may take me some time to get back about this. I will do my best to handle it as quickly as possible, though, and rest assured that we’ll get this worked out together. Thanks for your patience!

NOTE: please send the information above via PM (private message), as it’s not appropriate to share the details I’ve asked about here publicly. Thanks.