Strong Adoption Suggestion

Hey guys. I think the Bisq community is missing big time about not being on Android.

I am a hobby miner and a hobby trader. I buy off of Kraken and I sell back on Local Bitcoins, Hodl-Hodl, and Paxful. I work in construction (self employed) so it’s no problem for me to be online from 6am to 11:30pm. And I can sell pretty much trade all day long since I carry my phone with me pretty much averywhere.

So Bisq is problematic for me. Having to be online with a laptop would be difficult to do all day. And I am willing to wager most traders are the same way.

I buy at about 1% above market price on Kraken (after all fees) and I sell at about 4-5% above market price. It’s not a living for sure, but it does help pay some bills.

I’ve been looking into getting some kind of very small laptop or maybe a Librem 5 phone on which I could run Bisq. But if I have to carry a laptop or an second phone everywhere I go, it becomes burdensome and tiring.

I really think the Bisq network would blow up if we could run Bisq on an Androud phone which is by default online all day long and near you.

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You’re right about what Android could mean for Bisq adoption, but not only you would need to have a small laptop, but a powerful one. Bisq uses too much resources, specially RAM.
What devs have thought is to be able to connect your phone via Android to a Bisq node in a computer or laptop, and that could be good enough. Unfortunately, I don’t know when this will be ready.


You mean like using your phone to remotely control your laptop or desktop Bisq?
That would be just great. Pretty much the same thing as doing trades on your phone. Though I don’t know what the privacy issues such an app would cause.

And I am going to disagree with you on needing a powerful laptop. I bough a 2 years old Microsoft Surface Go. It’s a very small and underpowered Windows tablet. And Bisq runs just fine on it. And I suspect if I figure out how to install Ubuntu on that machine, Bisq will run even better on Linux.

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