Stuck at "Connecting to Mainnet"

The first time I started up Bitsquare (latest, OS X) it got to 99% on the bar at the bottom of the window, then I had to shut it down and leave. Then I came to a different internet connection (with a static IP if that matters) and started it up again. Since coming to this connection Bitsquare only shows “Bitcoin network peers: 1 / Connecting to Mainnet (using Tor)|” and the status bar blue thing just goes back and forth.

Is anything wrong, or am I ok to use Bitsquare like this?

Did you have a local Bitcoin core running? If so it tries to connect only to that, which is ok if you have enabled incoming connections in Bitcoin Core preferences (disabled by default). That would explain the case.

If that is no the case and if you never used Bitsquare before you can delete the data directory (or backup first just in case) and start new. In very rare cases the bloomfilter might get bad randomness and caught up addresses with massive txs (satoshi dice,…) which can cause that the initial network syc gets very slow (a lot of traffic).

Thanks very much Manfred! I’m running a full node so have the incoming connections enabled in Core.

I love the project and feel confident it will get more use as the current exchange points experience political and technological pressure. Keep up the great work!

By the way, does it help the network to run Bitsquare all the time, like a node?

Thanks! It is not too important to keep your node running. If you have offer you need to keep it running otherwise the offers get removed.
If you want to support Bitsquare the best is to keep a few offer open so we get better liquidity, and to spread the word!