Stuck in connecting to btc

I tried to set my with one of my nodes and wasn’t working so I decided to resync Bisq. It has been stuck in connecting to btc network for about 14 hours. Connected to 0 btc peers but 8 Bisq network peers.

I did try to close app then restart a few hours ago. Popped up w resync message again and has been stuck on the same screen ever since. Any suggestions would be great

Hi sorry that you have issues connecting. Have you checked out the wiki on connecting to Bisq via your own node: Connecting to your own Bitcoin node - Bisq Wiki

Yeah nothing on there is working for me. Idk what to do. I can’t get back in and access my btc

Posting the info from Keybase that resolved this issue:

Try this:

/Applications/ --btcNodes=[]

and if that doesn’t work, try this.

/Applications/ --btcNodes=jygcc54etaubgdpcvzgbihjaqbc37cstpvum5sjzvka4bibkp4wrgnqd.onion

for that last command, i just picked a random node from here: bisq/ at b76bbc0e2a0e701f7d9c54f4670120a6f6dedf90 · bisq-network/bisq · GitHub

you can pick whatever bitcoin node you want…not sure why, but picking a specific node helps sometimes.