Stuck in waiting for confirmation

Hi i have a small transaction stuck in not receiving confirmations even though its been several hours. and i havent changed any settings/ sat/ byte since my last few txs.

basically tried withdrawing to to a different wallet and its stuck in waiting for confirmations.

i keep getting a list of conflicts in DAO page, not sure what that means. screenshot attached.

please help.! or cancel so i can send again with higher sat/byyte in hopes of succeeding faster. Thank you.

ive also deleted the scv file or w/e and rebooted bisq as some users suggested, but no avail.

also i’m on latest version today ( all prev. transactions were done in 1.3.6 i believe )

here is tx. id: f444682a67d28d

problem fixed somehow overtime, sorry for bother


Hey for future reference, although the txid you posted is not valid (since it’s missing some characters) id avoid posting it in a public channel - privacy issue.

Also, the mempool (the place where transactions that haven’t been included in a block go… kinda like a waiting room) has been very congested lately. Fees are high and so if your transaction was sent with a low fee it may take much longer then anticipated.

This is likely what happened, fee was low and so it took a long time BUT it will eventually be confirmed and sent, as you saw.

Hopefully this helps clarify a bit.

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