Stuck on 3/4 Hidden Service Published V9.3

Hello, Ive made multiple trades on bisq before and about two weeks ago when I loaded up the app it gets stuck on 3/4 hidden service published and will stay stuck here for hours. I was having this issue on V9.1 so I updated to 9.3 and still same issue. Ive made a backup of my directory and deleted everything and reinstalled. This worked the first try until about the 3rd time I opened the app, then It started getting stuck again. Ive deleted everything again reinstalled with a fresh directory but still stays stuck. Not sure what to do at this point
Im on MacOS 10.14.2

Try connecting with a vpn. Sometimes your IP can get blacklisted by the TOR network?

I can’t really explain you the technical side, but for me trying with a VPN/different IP usually sorted this problem.

Tried a VPN already. Still same problem

Can you get to the menu for deleting outdated Tor files?
Not sure if you can do that if you can’t get the app to start in the first place.

You can maybe look at the log file to try and find some errors or something.

@httphive ,
do you have an AV (AntiVirus) running ? (or maybe some firewall ?)
(This is a frequent cause for such behaviour.)

yes after a while that menu will pop up and ive tried that but still get the same issue after it restarts.
Also Ive opened the log file but not to sure what to look for as im not a developer.

Only form of protection I have installed is malwarebytes. But ive had this installed before this issue even occurred

please help @ManfredKarrer

There have already been issues with peoples using malwarebytes
and solved by shutting it down and reinstalling properly.
-> BISQ v0.9.0 Update Failed

See also

AV don’t like tor too much.

If reinstalling, please do all the necessary backups before.

Please, also keep us informed.

I have uninstalled Malwarebytes, deleted all realated files and directories & delete bisq along with directory. I restart my mac donwload the bisq.dmg, open the app and still get stuck on 3/4 hidden services.

Under Mac OS, there is a bisq.log file at /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Bisq
You can either post the last lines here (there should be no personal info in the log, but please verify however before posting),
Or send me this log file so I could have a look (send me a PM).

This should help us to understand what is happening.

Sent you a PM.

ok, I’ll have a look.

Having an issue like this now on two Ubuntu boxes. 18.04 and 18.10 - Any advice or a solution would be welcomed.

i am getting this issue randomly here and there as well

cannot really tell what the problem ist. always connecting through VPN
but the issue seems to happen very randomly. then i close and after rebooot it might work or might not

Having a similar issue with Bisq 0.9.3 on Tails 3.10.1.

To enable Bisq to use the platform native Tor, I have inserted an iptables rule allowing localhost access to port 9052, copied the Tor authcookie to a readable location and finally, started Bisq with --torControlPort=9052 and --torControlCookie=control.authcookie

Everything appears to start up OK initially, but does not progress past step 3/4, specifically:

  • bitcoin peers get connected and wallet gets synchronized with mainnet
  • hidden service gets published
  • I get a healthy amount of outbound P2P peers, with roundtrips under 5000ms
  • I get 1-2 inbound connections to the onion service as well, with traffic flowing in both directions
  • can see the orderbook and past trades
  • can see the exchange rate

However, some things don’t work as intended, ultimately resulting in complete unusability:

  • “create new offer” fails with “no arbitrators available
  • in one singular case when I was allowed to create an offer, publishing the offer failed with “You need to wait until you are fully connected to the network. That might take up to about 2 minutes at startup” (not the case, it was more than 6 hours from Bisq startup)

Can anyone please help?

Happy to answer any questions or requests for diagnostic information.

@grace ,
Bisq’s next release (v0.9.4) will be available in the very next days.
Some things have been changed/improved concerning Tor usage.
So, I suggest you wait this next release and redo your tests. We’ll then see if the mentioned issues are still present.
(As far as I remember, each time a user mentions using Bisq on Tails … there are issues)

@Homard, thanks for your message. I have bad news and good news.

The bad news is that the upgrade to 0.9.4 hasn’t made any difference in the problem reported above. If anything, the “exchange. decentralized” splash seems to stay on screen longer than before. But there’s no progress past step 3/4 even after 24h of waiting.

Does anyone know what step 4 of 4 is, and what it needs to complete?

The good news is that I’m still here and happy to help with any information that you guys may find useful.

Tails is Debian (a fully supported platform) with a slightly more adversarial set of config defaults. Shouldn’t cause any showstopper issues. Also, I notice similar reports from OSX and Ubuntu users in this thread so it seems it’s not a Tails-only issue.

It would be great if issue was created on GitHub for this or mentioned to devs in Slack.

On a closer look at the logs, it appears that my test installation has a stubborn inability to open and maintain even one connection to seed nodes (no problem opening and receiving connections to regular peers, only seeds are affected). The “3/4” problem and also the “arbitrators” warning might be related to this.

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I’m not on either of these services (not a software developer).

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