Stuck on 3/4 Hidden Service Published V9.3


Hello, Ive made multiple trades on bisq before and about two weeks ago when I loaded up the app it gets stuck on 3/4 hidden service published and will stay stuck here for hours. I was having this issue on V9.1 so I updated to 9.3 and still same issue. Ive made a backup of my directory and deleted everything and reinstalled. This worked the first try until about the 3rd time I opened the app, then It started getting stuck again. Ive deleted everything again reinstalled with a fresh directory but still stays stuck. Not sure what to do at this point
Im on MacOS 10.14.2


Try connecting with a vpn. Sometimes your IP can get blacklisted by the TOR network?

I can’t really explain you the technical side, but for me trying with a VPN/different IP usually sorted this problem.


Tried a VPN already. Still same problem


Can you get to the menu for deleting outdated Tor files?
Not sure if you can do that if you can’t get the app to start in the first place.

You can maybe look at the log file to try and find some errors or something.


@httphive ,
do you have an AV (AntiVirus) running ? (or maybe some firewall ?)
(This is a frequent cause for such behaviour.)


yes after a while that menu will pop up and ive tried that but still get the same issue after it restarts.
Also Ive opened the log file but not to sure what to look for as im not a developer.


Only form of protection I have installed is malwarebytes. But ive had this installed before this issue even occurred


please help @ManfredKarrer


There have already been issues with peoples using malwarebytes
and solved by shutting it down and reinstalling properly.
-> BISQ v0.9.0 Update Failed

See also

AV don’t like tor too much.

If reinstalling, please do all the necessary backups before.

Please, also keep us informed.