Stuck on disabled payment confirmation button - dispute opened - arbitrator not answering

Hello @keo - there is a dispute open after a late payment confirmation.
Trade dates from 2019/07/02
The confirm payment button is greyed out since days, the trading period has lapsed.

Payment Id: ideOa-71e37567-3003-48aa-a89a-b8b1c8c06406-081
Arbitrator: s6yrrpezc3zp6biy - probably you.

I seem to receive no answers from you after several attempts. May be a bisq problem?
I restarting the app on a daily manner in order to avoid missing something.

Is there a chance to confirm the payment and unlock the funds to the buyer?

best regards

Please notice that you can also use PM on this forum (if you would like to stay more private).

Thanks for the hint. My PM two days ago was not answered either.

Just checking, you’re the taker, right? Can you see that your take offer transaction was published and has confirmation on the Bitcoin blockchain?