Stuck on ¾ Hidden V9.3 / Transfer my fund

Hello, for some time I’ve got the message Stuck on Hidden Service Published V9.3 again. I delete the tor folder, try with a VPN nothing changes = (
I can not connect to Bisq anymore

Having funds on how can I remove them from Bisq?

thank you in advance
Good night

Hello @B4skf4Ever ,
Bisq wallet is standard format, so you may use other software wallet.

Concerning the Tor issue, I guess you are behind a dynamic IP ?

Hello Homar
Thanks for the wallet
Yes I am on a Dynamic IP … It should preferably a fixed IP?

Is your Internet connection otherwise stable?

You can remove the wallet password and press alt+j to export private keys. You can even use seed words form Bisq in some wallets directly as well.

No. Dynamic or fixed doesn’t matter.
It’s just a question in order to help us diagnose what happens.

It may be that, for one reason or another, some IPs are banned by the Tor network.
So, when, randomly, you get assigned such an IP by your provider, you won’t be able to connect.
(But this is pure speculation from my part).

Usually, IPs are assigned only for 12h or 24h.
So I suggest that you retry to restart Bisq having deleted the tor files at first (but do not delete the hiddenservice folder)