Stuck on "shut down in progress"

When closing bisq, the “shut down in progress” is taking a very long time (already around half an hour). I am affraid to force close and have my data corrupted (i have some funds in the wallet and 2 trades in progress). Please help, what should I do?
(I am running it under Windows 10)
Thank you very much!

It is wise to wait for a graceful shutdown. I’ve had my machine power off unexpectedly without any corruption.

But is it likely that it is still going to shutdown by itself? After such a long time? I was thinking it is permanently stuck.

If it’s over half and hour, I would assume it’s stuck. A normal shutdown for me never takes longer than 60 seconds.

Yes it’s well over half an hour already. What should I do in my case then?
Thank you

Well, of course it’s entirely up to you. I feel confident that with your backup and seed the damage should be minimal. You may get better info here if you wait longer for a reply. I’m just riffing here. :neutral_face:

I noticed the log file was adding more and more lines. I decided to backup the data directory and force close it.
Re-launched… fortunately it all seems to be OK :relieved:


Yes, backuping the data directory is definitely a good precaution.