Stuck trade from Aug 16

I have a stuck trade from Aug 16, the buyer never sent the money and never replied to the arbitrator. Arbitrator is also gone, he is not answering my messages anymore.

Maker fee id: 6c41581db0d54d62e88c0df227ae382281e51311a7c4c8237cc42362dd3e2409
taker fee id: bd212b0efdcc6536ceb440753c7c989638f34fed0a6af125254282eefcaa97d0
deposit txid: dfd23ec017294f4f4e2959ca7db017ea28106a031b444bca3616edbb4656133a

My btc`s are stuck how can we resolve this… its been almost 3 months.
Thx in advance.