Stuck trade from October 29


What does this mean?

(Sorry for super-slow response. I will stay logged in to the forum.)

In order to do a manual payout you need:

  • ArbitratorMultiSigPubKeyHex
  • BuyerMultiSigPubKeyHex
  • SellerMultiSigPubKeyHex
  • Redeem script
  • an address for payout

@keo has their own ArbitratorMultiSigPubKeyHex and you can find the other two on the JSON contract file. With these three public keys they can recreate the Redeem Script using a tool like if they’re having problems with the Bisq manual payout tool. If at first you don’t get the same multisig address, change the order of the public keys.

Once they have the Redeem Script, they can load it in and it’ll fetch the unspent transaction outputs and load them into inputs. They’ll have just to fill in the new outputs with an address you gave them and leaving some of the amount for the mining fees. At minimum 400 sats as the transaction will weight around 400 bytes.

They can then sign it on using their private key in WIF and send you the encoded transaction. You can verify it on and if it’s ok you can also sign it on using your private key in WIF and then broadcast it on http://explorernuoc63nb.onion/tx/push.

Thanks a lot for the detailed response! By “they” do you mean @keo? Is @keo the only one who can initiate and sign this?

EDIT: removed info

Is there anything else which I need to do now?

Yes I mean @keo because you don’t have his arbitrator public key. Also let’s move this conversation to private messages.

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Ok thanks.