Stuck trade..glitch?

The buyer has sent the BTC but on my end I can only see “wait until payment arrived” so I can’t proceed to send the tokens to him.

I can see the confirmed BTC transaction on a blockchain explorer so the BTC has definitely been sent. Bisq does not reflect this fact though.

Any idea what the issue is?

I assume you are the BTC buyer, right? So you have sent the payment (fiat/altcoin) and u need to wait until the peer confirms receipt.
the BTC are locked up in teh 2of3 multisig at the moment the taker takes the offer. the BTC are only transerred to the buyer once the seller confirms receipt.

This is a XMR/BTC trade.

I am the XMR seller(maker).

I can see the XMR buyer(BTC seller) has sent me the BTC but the BISQ interface does not show that fact and does not allow me to send him the XMR. We completed numerous trades previous to this with no problem.

I just want to give this guy his XMR…lol.

This will have to go to moderation…work it out later.

You can always open a dispute with cmd+o if you are certain that the trade will fail.

It seems he confirmed without checking… Can you click the trade ID there you find his XMR address and trade amount. Just sent him it and he will be happily surprised how honest Bisq traders are! :wink:
Thanks for being a good trader!