Stuck trade

A seller took my offer on Feb 24th, the deposits are both on the blockchain, but the software displays the taker’s deposit as unconfirmed. Trade id is 40966801.


Can you post the 3 transactions (2 trade fee txs and deposit tx) from the trade details window (open with click on trade id)?

Could you please copy/paste those transaction IDs to the forum?
I tried typing them, but it seems like the screen isn’t wide enough in your image to see the entire txid.

Maker fee transaction: 30e332969c9d85f10a57c4e6a939d7174ab0e144a298bf7ef93212bb87fda8f3
Taker fee transaction: 35a73d65a35da0c29c60bfbd4ebe978162358a27857d75377b4873013d3385af

These 2 are the only tx.


The Taker fee transaction is spent but not for a deposit tx but some other normal tx. So the deposit tx was never created. If your balance is not as expected resync the wallet spv file at: settings/network.

ok thx. did that, but it is still listed in “open trades”. my balance was always correct though.

Then there is no big worry here. Just withdraw your funds from Bisq and reinstall it (and remove the data directory). That will make Bisq act as it was installed for the first time with no trade history.

EDIT: You should probably try deleting the SPV chain file first in the Settings, just in case you don’t need to go through all the trouble.

ok thx, I guess I’ll just leave it as it is then. Just wanted to alert you guys to the issue, it might be confusing for first-time users.

Yes, thank you for reporting it. :blush: