Stuck transaction due to unconfirmed utxos

Hi, I am waiting for at least one confirmation in order to proceed with the fiat payment.
It is already stuck for almost 24 hours and I see it comes from other unconfirmed transactions.

Going back in time I see their transaction is still unconfirmed.

I would like to resolve this.


Hi @jaime
Did you touch the transaction fees in Settings/Preferences ?

ah yes. Sorry.
If 2 sat/B is the used mining fees, it is very low and there may indeed be some time needed.

The minimum used fee is generally 10sat/B,
and in the last 24 hours it was around 20 sat/B.

I think that’s me at the other end of the trade :slight_smile:

It used to be that high transaction on a child tx would boost the parent. But apparently it’s not working anymore. I’m trying to speed up the stuck tx with no success. Hopefully it will resolve soon.

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If the trade seems to be permanently suck, you can open a dispute with cmd+o and let the arbitrator know.