Stuck transaction for 2 days

I sent bitcoin from the following bisq address: 14z1qrZYN4hiLVDZ6LMhoVZuXxoA6ZhkEA

To another wallet of mine: 3LVaPwzeTv1qi11piP6cpWbWKV5hhZMBkF

For some reason, the bitcoin has left the bisq wallet and is stuck with no confirmations or no peers. It has a transaction i.d. but when you search it on memory, it says transaction cannot be found, waiting to be added to the mempool.

Can someone help me with this if possible?

Looks as though this transaction was confirmed approximately 50 minutes ago. Mempools are VERY full at the moment you can see the avg/recommend fees below:

Don’t leak your data, you could now remove the public addresses from this post.

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I don’t want to bother with a new post but I have the same problem.
I withdrew from my Bisq wallet to another wallet two days ago but the transaction still shows “Not found” in block explorer.
Is there anything I cand do or simply have to wait?
Thanks a lot

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You’ll likely have to wait or try to do an RBF (replace by fee) or CPFP (child pays for parent) transaction, any change left over from that transaction? with either of these you set a HIGH fee and push it through the congestion.