Stuck transactions over the past week

I’ve had several trade requests that seem to just get stuck in limbo. This has happened with three different transactions now. 2 were buy orders where the maker fee tx just constantly has the spinner next to it instead of the confirmation counter. I waited around 2 days for these. Another was an actual order that we had to cancel after the btc deposit got stuck. Is there anyway to investigate what is going on and how to fix it?

You can have a look at the concerned lines of the logfile.
Look at the timestamps.
It may help to understand what happens.
You can open an issue on the github and upload the logfile, so knowledgeable people can also have a look.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the logs. It looks like there was an exception thrown a couple days ago when first trying to broadcast the transaction and since then it hasn’t attempted to broadcast again. There’s not much other information though unfortunately.

} bisq.core.btc.exceptions.TxBroadcastTimeoutException: The transaction was not broadcasted in 5 seconds.

Have you done lots of trade? See if this thread helps

Thanks for the answer @huey. I’m not really sure what would qualify as a lot of trades. It’s not like high frequency trading or anything though and not as much as I’ve used other wallets. I tried to reset the Tor settings but that doesn’t seem to have worked. I tried with new transactions, some seem to get posted and others do not. It seems like a pretty serious problem if the wallet has to be reset after every couple of dozen trades. Either way, this kind of makes bisq unusable since the fees get lost everytime I have to cancel or if I have to sweep and reset the wallet regularly after doing a few trades.

Hum, when I say loads of trades I’m thinking more in the hundreds. Are you saying you’ve done under 100 trades?

For the fee you’ve lost issue a reimbursement request for trading fees spent.

Yep, I’ve almost certainly done less than 100 trades. Even in the hundreds though seems like a relatively small amount that shouldn’t have to lead to the resetting of the whole wallet (something that would be made harder if you have another currency, such as BSQ, to sweep and recover).

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