Stucked on wait for blockchain confirmation

I understand that Bisq doesn´t calculate fees perfectly in order to make the security deposits. This is really affecting the user experience. I have been waiting more than 30 hours for the deposits to be confirmed

I wanted to buy BTC, but at this point I am starting to regret it.
I would like to cancel this operation.

hi, what is the onion address of your arbitrator? also when there is a lot of traffic in the network it’s normal for it to take longer, but maybe there is a bug in your tx. hope I can help

Thanks for answering.
My arbitrator is g72ouph23eznvpuz.onion:9999
I don´t know how to contact him.
I don´t think it´s a bug. I run Bisq 1.1.2 and even have restarted it a couple of times. The transaction is published too, the fees are just low for the ¨fee market¨. (43.8 S/B)
I understand it takes longer, but seriously, it´s affecting how things are done. Prices vary a lot on the market, meaning many times we are loosing hundreds to save some cents in mining fees.

ok that’s me, so could you tell me your trade ID? and if you go on the tx and click cmd + o it should open a support ticket where we can talk.

Hi @alef. Unfortunately this isn’t a Bisq only problem. It’s a Bitcoin Network wide problem. The market isn’t mature enough and fee spikes happen from time to time.

“ok that’s me”, haha, funny.
Alright. I am opening the support Ticket.

You can’t just decide to cancel the trade because the price doesn’t move in your favor… I mean if the other trader agrees to canceling the trade it’s fine, I guess, but if he insists on continuing the trade, you can’t just decide to cancel it. You agreed to follow through with the trade when you created/accepted the offer.

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@a123b Actually, the price is totally on my favor.

Hmmm, in this case I don’t understand why you “regret it”…?

transaction ID: 2d31d2593b61ff218f4a834ac62080cda9634c0dc6bd97f2859d25123ae47ae7

Because I value my time too. The transaction hasn’t even started after 34 hours, because of security deposit. Will it ever happen? What if the mining fees continue growing?
And I have to keep checking on this every once in a while.
As I said “Prices vary a lot on the market, meaning many times we are loosing hundreds to save some cents in mining fees.”
And by “We”, I mean whoever is using the services.
So people are not probably getting what was originally published when they take an offer.

Thanks man. I get it, but it doesn’t mean we should just get along with that.
When something doesn’t work well, we try to fix it, right?
That’s why I’m posting.

A trader would only “lose hundreds” because of this if he decides to sell his whole portfolio at once. If someone has at least an equal amount of BTC/Fiat left, they can just buy back whatever they sold while the original trade is still in progress.

lol, not advisable to do if when you decide to buy it back it takes 3 days and the prices go UP while you are waiting for confirmation of security deposit.

And again, wasting of time is even worse. That you can’t “buy back”

Hi, I still can’t see your dispute, did you go on the tx and press cmd + o?

Well, checking once a day if a transaction has been confirmed doesn’t waste too much time, right? And if it’s that much of a problem for you, I’m sure there’s some push notification service for transaction confirmations.

the issue is not whether I can check if the tx has been confirmed or not, is whether I can have the option to cancel the tx if both parties agree.

I can only do that if you open a dispute

Just to clear up possible misunderstandings:
You need to press Ctrl+O (or Cmd+O on Mac OS) while you have the trade selected (highlighted in green) in the Portfolio -> Open Trades section. Not the transaction in the Funds tab.

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