Study of trade data

I would like to perform an analysis of trades on Bisq (for a research study) and I would like to know whether it is possible to gather a bit more details on the transactions. I am only aware of the data available via the API:

More precisely, I would like to know whether it is possible to access: 1) when the transaction was initiated, 2) when it was completed, 3) some details on the transaction (for examples: deposit, fee, trade period), 4) if not completed why, and 5) some details on the arbitration.

I am not interest by identity related information :slight_smile: I just want to study the speed and success rate of trades on Bisq! Of course, interesting findings will be shared.

Many thanks in advance!

You should ask devs on Slack more about what is exactly published to the network, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up that it is anything more than what you are already seeing in trades statistics.

Bisq is fully P2P, only arbitrators have some more info about failed trades that open a dispute. Everything else is probably unknown to the whole network.

So you can ask arbitrators to tell you more about the reasons for why trades fail, but not even them will know the full picture.

Thank you alexej996 for the reply, I will ask on Slack and post here if anything interesting comes out!

Any update on this project? I would like to know where I can find the rate of disputes and/or chargebacks for a given payment method.

@littlebit2big the best place to look for that info is on this forum and on