Suddenly unable to take any offer

I’m running Bisq v1.9.8. Updated to that yesterday. Every time I start Bisq there is the whole updating (MANUALLY!) ordeal…

Every offer to buy Bitcoin I try to take is erroring out with some nonsensical message which of course I can’t get it to repeat now because I’m asking about it and trying to make it happen. Now it instead just timed out, and it keeps popping up several boxes about the offer having been withdrawn or something. Something is clearly wrong.

Yes, I have checked the “DAO state”: “Your local node is in consensus with the network”

I know from Github that there was a v1.9.9 released, but this appears to have been removed? Bisq says nothing about this, and there is no way to force it to check closer. Also, when I check Github now, it says that v1.9.8 is the latest release. Don’t know what to make of this.

What really is going on? What can cause situations like this to occur and keep reoccuring? Maybe it constantly happens when I’m not trying to buy Bitcoin, so I’m not really this unlucky, but it seems to always happen when I need to buy Bitcoin…

Hi, 1.9.9 has been pre-released about an hour ago, it was supposed to be pre-released like 12h ago but it went back as more changes were done.
I don’t know how to help with your issue as it’s not very clear what causes you from being unable to take an offer and it can be caused by different things (some out of your control, like maker not being synced with the DAO).
I’m going to update to 1.9.9 right now, I hope that issues from 1.9.8 decrease.

I was able to make a trade with v1.9.9, so it seems as if it fixed whatever the issue was.