Sugestion about offer and taker fee


1- I create an offer to buy bitcoin, I’ll need to pay the offer fee.
2- I see an offer to sell bitcoin that I’m interested to buy.

I think should have an option to convert “delete” my offer to buy bitcoin. And when I take the offer that is selling bitcoin, the fees should be: the taker fee (me in this case), minus my initial offer fee.

Make sense or I’m crazy?

The fee need to be verifyable from the peer so your suggestion would be hard to implement. But i will consider how to improve the handling of canceled offers. The create offer fee is needed to avoid spam and market manipuation. The take offer fee is needed to avoid data harvesting. So both are not only the revenue source for the DAO but also required for securing the system.
Atm the fees are super low, specially the create offer fee (0.0005 BTC).