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Bisq is an awesome project. Reading the FAQ and community posts shows that the progenitors are solving hard problems. So kudos guys.

The security deposit is usually misundersood by newbies. Including me. More FAQ material there would help.

When do i get my security deposit back?
When do i lose it?
What is the list if reasons it is necessary? (price shopping, volatility, forgetfulness, fraud, etc.)
How does it work? (multisig, where are the keys?)

I’m just trying for now to trade both sides of Dash/btc until i understand what’s working here, and avoid fiat.

thanks for your awesome work.

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When the trade is finished

If you basically try to scam (e.g. you as a seller say “the money of the buyer didn’t arrive” and don’t release the funds while he proves to an arbitrator that he did, or the other way round)

I think it’s called “forward trading”:

Afaik the security deposits, together with the trade amount go into one large multisig transaction.
You sign it with your private keys that you can find in Bisq’s internal wallet.

Disclaimer: I’m not a Bisq Dev but have completed quite a few EUR/BTC trades, and they always went very very good!
Please keep in mind, that the security deposit isn’t the only thing protecting you as a buyer - the seller actually already has to broadcast the transaction to the network or “send the BTC” before you even pay, while they are only released once he (or an arbitrator in case of dispute) releases it.


If anyone would like to improve the FAQ page would be great. Just make a PR at

Was the info that I provided correct?
If yes, I’d add that to the FAQ page now :slight_smile:

Yes, all correct

PR is open!