Suggestion: Alarms?

I don’t see an “alarm” function in Bisquare that will alert you when a buy or sell opportunity presents itself at a certain premium level. In other words, if I’m interested in selling BTC at a 5% premium to the market, an alarm would alert me to the fact that a buyer (who didn’t check the offers) just posted an offer to buy at a 5% premium. This would beat having to search the offers every (hour, minute) to see if an offer has been posted that matches the premium I’d like to buy or sell at. If this already exists, please let me know how to find it in the app. Thanks.


It’s a good idea :slight_smile:

You just have to find some truly obnoxious audio alert that will get users to run to their PC and hit the bid to stop it.:scream:

Yeah good idea. Would be a easy task for any dev who wants to work on that.

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I’m not a dev but I would be happy to contribute testing and documentation for this new feature

Any Dev volunteer?

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