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I am Brazilian and I recently met the Bisq and I felt a little lost when I entered the site. I would suggest creating a page with country flags, in case someone who does not understand the language finds people of their own country or language. Thank you!

Eu sou Brasileiro e Conheci recentemente o Bisq e me senti meio perdido ao entrar no site. Gostaria de sugerir a criação de uma pagina com bandeiras dos países, para o caso de alguém que não entende o idioma encontrar pessoas de seu próprio país ou idioma. Obrigado!

Yes, I think our site should be translated in different languages. I am not sure if there is an effort for it already.

Hello I am from Spain and I do not know if there is a Spanish speaking site, in English it is all. It is well what you propose. Many greetings from BISQ-P2P-DEX

@Fabianoiasd @maxnetworld do you mean a version of translated for each language or a category on the forum for each country/language?

communidad en espanol
-> Comunidad en Español

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At this time the only initiative is a topic in Spanish under “Promotion” subforum, the one that homard above linked. It’s not having a lot of use so I think that with just a single topic is ennough, there’s no need to translate the whole community or even create a subforum for this purpose.
We should create topics for other regions too.