Suggestion for Open Trades

UPDATE: Some banks will put a “security block” on some of the e-transfers, but the other party can get it cleared up over the phone. :slight_smile: Two of the three pending transactions have been cleared now.


I’ve had 3 successful trades today, and 3 bank reversals.

I’d like to have the option in Portfolio --> Open Trades to mark a trade as “bank reversal” or “funds reversed.”

I have multiple open trades, so this would make it easy at a glance to remember what I’m looking at.

Just a suggestion.

Thanks so much, team!

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Chargebacks are exceptional and we don’t want to get used to that. Please report all info (onion address, payment method, account details, trade amount and date), so we can block the scammer. Please report ASAP to the payment processor so the likelihood that the scammer can continue to issue chargebacks decreases.

See: IMPORTANT: Cash App and Venmo payment methods have been blocked due to chargeback activity

Thanks, @ManfredKarrer

Just want to let everyone know that ALL my transactions have now gone through, and there were legitimate ‘security blocks’ that were put in place by some of their banks.

They simply phoned their banks, and let them know that this was a legitimate transaction, and 10 minutes later they were good to go.

All transactions have been successfully completed. :slight_smile:

Which payment method?

How did you communicate with the buyers?