Support altcoins, like Coinomi

Why bitsquare dont act like a multi-crypto light wallet where users don’t need to host all the blockchains like many mobile multi-currency apps work. For example coinomi.

Coinomi you can add many different wallets and get a single key to all your different accounts.

Because it is a lot of effort and would also consume a lot of resources. I don’t know coinomi but I assume it is a server based model and that is complete different circumstances and woul dnot fit to the concept of Bitsquare.
Support for main altcoins might get added some day but as said it comes with much effort.

If an android phone can handle this, I believe a desktop app would be effortless. It works like any other SPV wallet like Electrum or else.

AFAIK this effort is just listing a cluster of open nodes that can provide the blockchain connection for the different altcoins.

I believe this effort should be very slim since most altcoins derived from Bitcoin. Again is open source so it can be study how it handles the collections to the different servers.
Electrum servers:

I am not sure hwere in Coinomi it handles these servers but is a matter of just having a handful of servers hosting the blockchains for multiple coins. ATM Coinomi supports up to 60 coins.

Electrum uses servers, Bitsquare not. But will have a look to it, though atm there is too much other hi-prio stuff on the table…

Should this be filed as an enhacement issue?

Perhaps we can partner with

That’s their aim.

That said, users can simply use to hold and bitsquare to trade. no need to mix the wallets. but there couldbe an opportunity here.

Jaxx is opens source and Anthony who leads it is a very smart and legit guy. I know him.