Support request, no reply

Yesterday I opened a support request on a trade as a BTC seller because I could not see the buyers name on the transaction from my bank and I was unsure what to do as this has not happened before.

I posted a description of the problem in the space provided and beneath it says “message arrival confirmed by receiver”, but I have had no response yet and the time is ticking away to complete the trade.

The price of BTC has also risen since yesterday and the buyer may wish to cash out so I do not wish to delay the trade any longer than necessary.

Can anybody advise what to do? Is there any other way to contact support?

The issue is relevant enough to not care about trading time ticking. There’s no problem in waiting a few more hours, but you can also try to contact them (you should after 24 more hours) through Keybase.

Just inform your trading peer through the chat so he can know why there’s a delay, but still, don’t trust his word, mediator should tell you what to do next after speaking with the buyer.


It seems that the mediator is bisq_knight.
I am not getting any response through the bisq app or on keybase.

Is it possible that this guy could be out of town or offline at the moment?
Is he the only mediator that can provide support?

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The mediator may take up to 48 hours to answer! Rest assured though that this is the best course of action as menitoned by @MnM above.

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It has been over 48 hours now since I requested support from the mediator now and still I have not had any response at all either on Bisq or on Keybase.

Is there any other way to resolve this?

Maybe this is an area of Bisq that needs to be looked at. Maybe there should be more than one single mediator for each trade so if one is unavailable then another can step in to resolve the problem.

I have used Bisq many times before, so I know that as frustrating as this is, it will eventually be resolved. However for a new Bisq user this type of experience could be enough to discourage them from using Bisq again and that would be a shame.

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Try posting your issue publicly at Keybase #support channel and probably a mediator will get in touch with you

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I took your advice and the trade was closed when I logged in this afternoon.

Thanks :+1:

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