Support ticket closed fee, deposit re-imbursed but SEPA payment not refunded

Trade id: 07ynrg-450f14bb-864c-4db4-bb1e-078dffcd8bbd-063

Dispute ticket got closed because of wrong SEPA country but already made payment is not reimbursed.

Anyhow, I am wondering how the ticket can be closed without taking care of the reimbursement of already sent money.

@keo, was this yours?

There was already a ticket from the seller: Ticket closed but no payout LTC/EUR

(the same trade id was mentioned)

No. I don’t see it.

Hi @balistof, seller here.
I accepted your payment from the wrong country.
I only opened an dispute to tell you that you should look in future which countries are accepted.
You got your LTC, so everything should be fine.

Hi @Xabitsquare, thanks for clearing it up! This was my first transaction hence I was a little confused on the SEPA properties.

So everything clear. Please close this ticket.


@balistof Is your ticket still open? Can you PM me (the arbitrator for LTC) a screenshot of all the chat msg you see in your app? Maybe you misses some.

The payout was done like in the case when trade completed normally. So you got your LTC as buyer and the security deposit back.