Support ticket closed without input from both sides

I just had a support ticket to end a trade initiated by the trading peer approved but suspect the reason they gave for not going through with the transfer is incorrect. Is there any way to reopen this ticket? I would prefer not to give further details in public at this time.

feature request. a note should be able to be made by the other party before closing off comms. to avoid these threads :slight_smile:
maybe payout needs to be made anyway to minimise abuse/wait time by potential bad parties.
something similar happened to me, but it was just a bug no trade/protocol issue, i would have thought getting a comment/point of view from the other party, but yeah, the wait time.

You can PM me or send me an email (manfred at bitsquare dot io). mayeb a bug caused an issue that u did not see my chat messages. please send me the trade id and a screenshot of your dispute chat.