Support-Ticket: hJpyws Doesn't answer

The buyer transfered to less money and I opened on 15.12.2017 an support-ticket.
But nobody answer on this ticket.
The moderator is: 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999


I am probably your arbitrator. I have not received this ticket. Please communicate with e. g. cbeams how to proceed.


I don’t understand this.
How we should communicate?

He @cbeams will likely see this thread and answer. He belongs to the Bisq team.
Otherwise you can send him a PM and ask, but you should wait some time first. I don’t know how one can reopen a support ticket that never arrived to the arbitrator.
Btw, I suppose hJpyws is the tradeID?


OK, I will wait
Yes its the trade ID

By pressing cmd+o in the trade screen you can reopen the ticket and hopefully I will get it.


Ok I try
In 12 hours the time for this trade is over.

Don’t worry about the time, once the trade runs out a button for opening a dispute will appear and you will get the same results.