Support ticket reply time


I had a trade open since Friday which gives me plenty of time to complete the trade when i get back from the long weekend, but the maker opened a support ticket before the trade expired (giving me 2 days to reply) which meant that i couldn’t reply.

What i would suggest is that either the 2 days reply time applies to weekdays only as i’m sure i’m not the only one who doesn’t touch their computer during the weekend.

Or allow any support ticket response before the trade expire time + 2 days. This makes it a lot more obvious when people should be available to reply to anything that may arise as they already must complete the trade by that time.

I feel like my trade was cut off before it should have completed its normal course, considering that the ticket was not necessary to begin with. (Trade ID missing??)


Yes, I agree with these issues. If arbitrators are not applying this already, they should probably just count the work days.

You can make a proposal at .
This way it can be voted on in the DAO and be officially accepted.