Support ticket

I have an issue with a trade. I’m the buyer.

I had originally sent the funds to the sellers original bank account. But about two hours later the funds came back into my account. I phoned my bank and as far as they can tell the funds hit the sellers account and cleared. Then they sent the money back. It didn’t bounce back because of an error.

The seller wants me to send to a different bank account than the one in the original trade. As the first account he says is blocked for some reason?? They messaged me through a support ticket I had opened but not written in yet.

If I transfer to this new account can the trade go though as normal? The trade is at stage 3 . waiting for payment to arrive.

The trade protocol only allows for sending to the specified account. If you don’t follow the protocol and the seller doesn’t release the coin there is no guarantee you will be awarded the coin in a dispute. In fact, you probably won’t.

I would recommend you open a dispute now and let an arbitrator deal with this.