Support with privacy


I have just tried to trade, but it failed, and my funds for the transaction disappeared.
A window opened saying to open an issue on Github, but I did not take note of the address.
I tried to open a case within Bisq, but as there was no open trade that was not possible.
How can a user get support with privacy?

Thank you

I guess you can send the a private message to @ManfredKarrer if you want to be very private.
You can even use a PGP key.

Manfred is quite busy though, if you want, you can send me a message in case there is something I can help you with. We can use PGP encrypted emails as well, if you want.

Thank you for your answer alexej996.

If needed, I will privately ask for email addresses and public keys.

It would be nice if Bisq community used something like Bitmessage [0] too.