Suspicious or Confusing Seller

UPDATE: I contacted seller and we quickly resolved situation. The seller was OK, Bisq ok. It’s a weird banking institution that has two sets of identifiers for an account. Everything went well.

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I initiate a trade with one seller for cash deposit. When I was displayed details of the sale, I noticed that there were TWO checking account displayed: one in “Account Number / Account Type” field, and the other one in “Extra Requirements”.

I expected only ONE checking account, not two. I reached out the the seller and I haven’t heard back. Is s itt normal to list two bank account numbers?

I don’t know which bank account to use.
If I deposit into one bank account, the seller may say that I should have deposited into the other bank account - and the seller may own BOTH accounts.

I assume the seller owns both account and it might be against the rules to list another account in that Extra Requirements field. So I think you would be following the protocol if you used the first one, but you can always open a dispute with cmd+o and resolve this with an arbitrator.

I would advise you to open a dispute and let the arbitrator know of the issue. Maybe he will then warn the seller not to do this or at least explain to you that nothing is wrong with the trade.
There is no need to be worried in opening a dispute when you are in doubt, nothing to lose when you get arbitrator involved, it only takes a bit more time.

Thank you. That helps.

I wish there was a way to alert/open dispute sooner…BtC price is rising by the day…

You can open it at any time, once the trade has started by pressing cmd+o

Don’t worry, if the trade was initiated like 2 days ago, you pay the price of 2 days ago! :blush:
You should be able to see the money that you have to pay in the App, it doesn’t change.
No panic! :wink:

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