SWIFT added for version 1.7.4

SWIFT is now available for 1.7.4

This allows people to trade internationally with users in different countries and using different currencies: SWIFT - Bisq Wiki

If you are in a country/ currency with low liquidity you can now use SWIFT to access other markets.

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finding difficulties in using swift

maker creates multiple fiat currency transactions for the same bank account located in one country

however sender banks do not facilitate sending any currency to any country - this clearly does not work

can you restrict the swift trades to either the currency of the country in which the bank account is located or USD which is globally accepted?

p.s. my trade is stuck due to this issue and the seller is threatening to raise dispute if he doesn’t get his fiat currency of choice in the bank of his choice

Hi @jugadu thanks for the feedback.

I suppose when taking a SWIFT transaction the buyer should ensure they are able to send the payment in the currency selected by the trader.

I would imagine more popular markets like EUR and USD would end up being utilized more for SWIFT trades.

Is your trade stuck because you cannot send payment in the currency of the market you selected the offer on?

some banks have strict rules on what currencies can be sent to what countries

internet banking software of banks pick up the transaction as an anamoly/error as they have not factored sending x currency to y country

further each currency has different requirements of IBAN number or ABN RTB number which they mandatorily associate with the currency irrespective of the destination which fails the transactions

in such scenarios you should also disclose the country of the destination bank account in the trade so that we can pick up the correct trade

traditional banking isn’t as free as we imagine

p.s. i managed to get through the transaction despite the filter checks of 1 bank however the 3 other banks i tried rejected the transaction