Switching off Bitsquare while in the middle of trade

Hi all.

I’m just in the middle of my first trading (GBP/BTC).
I offered to buy 0.3 BTC and yesterday someone accepted and sent me the amount.
After the transaction was confirmed I made the payment (in GBP - national bank transfer).
Now I’m waiting for the seller to confirm that the payment arrived in their bank account.
The remaining time at the moment of opening this topic is 3 days, 4 hours, 25 minutes.

My question is: Can I close Bitsquare? Will this provoke any kind of problems to the transaction? Or should I keep my PC running until the procedure is complete?

Thanks in advance.

You can close it. No problem.

You can keep it running but its not necessary. Just start the app from time to time to see the progress.

Only not taken offers wont be visible when application is closed.