Synchronizing for 4 days so far

I agreed to a buy offer almost two weeks ago. I waited 24 hours for a block chain confirmation…but nothing. I sent a text msg to the seller (no answer) and waited another 24 hours (BISQ moved the timeline up 24 hours for some reason) but no block chain confirmation. I lodged a dispute for the record and in case of a deeper issue. I thought that by re-syncing the /wallet/bisq.spvchain might resolve the problem by reinstallin Bisq and copying the data directory into place in place of the new install directory. Since then I have watched Bisq connect and re-sync since 2:30pm but it has not moved past that screen. The bisq.log is incrementing so there is activity but nothing else. I understand that this would take some considerable CPU usage but all I see on my i7-3.6GHz is it bouncing between 15% - 20%, which is hardly throttling CPU resources. So I guess my question would be 'how long does the re-sync take, if that is the issue?


  1. Please confirm that you can see said transaction on a block explorer.
  2. What do you mean by “BISQ moved the timeline up 24 hours for some reason”?
  3. This is the recommended way to resync the SPV wallet. You needn’t to change directories. And if your wallet is old it may take some time to resync but not this much.

You can reach out to the #support channel on the Bisq Keybase Team or DM for a more personal support.

The transaction ID is on the blockchain.
Received Time 2020-03-01 09:34
Size 406 bytes
Weight 1,624
Included in Block 619713
Confirmations 1,393

The confirmation never came. The 24hr confirmation expired. Bisq then showed it would expire for yet another another 24 hours.

If I close out the Bisq synchronization screen then the SPV file gets deleted and I sit here again. I’ve tried it twice with the same result and unable to get into the trade screen, etc.