Synchronizing hangs @ block 849137

Was trying to Buy, but couldn’t because the blockchain wasn’t synchronized and was stalled at block 849137.

I deleted the SPV chain file as the software requested

Synchronizing proceeds normally until reaching block 849137, where it hangs every time. I have left it for days, so I know that it is not going to complete.

I have deleted tor files and then did a complete re-install… Nothing works.

A reboot only starts re-downloading the complete chain since the SPV chain file is deleted every time I reboot.

As an update, I am currently download chain again. It is proceeding normally so far with 10 to 20 blocks per second downloaded, with occasional pause, but not for more than a second or two. Currently at 70%, downloading for less than an hour.

Update: the last resync hung at the same place. Let it sit there for two hours and finally just shut it off. Now going to install on another computer to see what happens.

Have the same problem, trying to sync btc mainnet with 99% it stucks at block 849137.

I do not get access to my account.

btc network peers and bisq network peers numbers change however the sync stucks.

I really appreciate any help - many thanks!

Since more than one of us is having the same problem, got to be something to it.
What have you tried so far?

I was asked to resync because I could not do a purchase. I had this one time before some month ago and it was no problem. So I just followed the same procedure.

I cancelled one time at the same status (99%, same block) and resynced again.

Same result. Stuck at exactly this block;

See my last thread. Download and install 1.9.17

I updated, thanks for this information.

The sync however, now is extremly slow. If I wait it will take some days to sync.

From a different account the update was successfully. The sync process began from block around 847xxx. Some hours and it should be fine.

The ‘problem’ account starts now with 815xxx and the progress is around 5 % per hour.

Probably I did some very bad mistake?

spv resync is slow for some, especially when there is an old wallet with many transactions.
Read the last part of the guide Resyncing SPV file - Bisq Wiki

When resync is complete, you should get a new wallet Create a new wallet for your data directory - Bisq Wiki

Okay, works now,
many thanks for your tips and links!

have the same problem. I tried to go through the steps from the Bisq Wiki. But that doesn’t work because my old Bisq instance doesn’t start after renaming and is still stuck at this value.
What can I do?
Thanks a lot

Update to latest version! 1.9.17 is the one.
After you upgrade, if it still gets stuck, you can use the spv resync guide workaround