Synereo (AMP) Not Available in Offer Book

I created a new Synereo (AMP) altcoin account and saved the appropriate information, however, I don’t see AMP listed in the Offer book page. How can I make AMP based offers?

You need to set up a AMP account and then you can create an offer. The currency list in the offerbook has changed: It does not use the user defined currenc list from the preferences (that is used only in the market price feed currency list) but it shows all currencies where offers are available.

I did setup an AMP account. When I try to create an offer, Synereo (AMP) is not in the list (“Filter by currency”) to create an offer. I’m not sure what I may have missed.

Click on create new offer button.

Seems that change of the currency list was not a good idea… :frowning:
I will revert that change that the offerlist is showin all the currencies of the available offers instead of the user defined currency list in the next version.