Take offer failed 3 times

I tried taking the same offer three times (probably a bit stupid), but each time the transaction timed out and failed. The two first I sent from an outside address, whereas the final one I took the fee/deposit from my own wallet. I have traded successfully before, so I know how it works.

A little annoying to lose out on fees x 3. I would prefer not to give away the log file or ID, as it reveals some information. Is there any way of getting it back, or are the fees lost forever?

Ok, I was stupid enough to try a fourth time when I realized this:

The offer has been up since feb 21. It really be deleted (peer:4ilhcftvjz4gmrop.onion). This will obviously have the some of the same effect as posting the log, but I decided to post in an effort to get the listing taken down.

Please don’t make too much fun of me.

You can contact @cbeams and explain him your problem with the lost trading fees, some of the lost trading fees get refunded.

Can you post the offer details? Id, currency, price, amount. Maybe the peer has some issues.
PM me with a BTC address and the lost trade fees so I can refund you. No need to contact @cbeams.

I had same issue, but with two consecutive offers with the same buyer, usually at night.

RE log file, I provided log files for only the times that pertain to the trade, and ran “control-F” to remove all identifying information. The file is still useful to devs, without the cost of revealing identity.