Taken out of support, but is still in the portvolio

Z6ghiti3 is taken out of support, but is still in the portfolio. v0.9.8

I hope this is helpful if you are referring to the same issue.

Many thanks for the help. Will locked BTC be released (sell order)? Or I am waiting 25 days? Best regards

If BTC is still locked up in the multisig then you shouldn’t do this.
You should use a block explorer to be sure where your BTC are right now.

If they are in your wallet, then it is safe to delete PendingTrades file (if you have no other open trades as well). If not, we probably need to get in contact with your arbitrator here.

PS: No, don’t pay attention to those mentions of 25 days. They are specific to that case only.

Locked money in bisq:


Trade-ID: Z6ghiti3-03ea6cd7-b15d-49a7-a649-0db32c6356b5-098
mediator: s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999

Yeah, they are not locked anymore as you can see. They left that multisig address successfully.

You can try simply removing the above mentioned file if you have no other open trades/offers.

If you have any BTC that appear to be locked, try using cmd+e to withdraw all your funds from Bisq.

Many Thanks! Will I test it then when everything is finished.

I did it and everything looks good.