Taker fee transaction is not found

Trade is stuck in “wait for blockchain confirmation” and taker is not responding for 3 months now.
I’ve made a resync of SPV chain, but the problem was still there.
Opening a dispute is not possible since there is no “valid deposit transaction”.
What will be the next step now?
Thank you!

3 months? Like, 90 days? That’s too much time, I’ll assume it’s much less, like three days or a week:
Check if maker and taker tx have confirmations. If they both do, come to Keybase so you can share this private info. Keybase
If, as the title of your thread says, taker fee tx is not found on the blockchain explorer, your transaction failed. This would be similar issue, I hope it helps to solve yours: Deposit transaction is null after SPV resync - #2 by MnM