Taker fee transaction wasn't broadcast. Trading details section is blank. Unable to close


I have a trade where the taker fee tx wasn’t broadcast. Good news: my funds never left the wallet. Bad news: cannot close the trade, cannot contact the trading peer, the trading details section is blank:

How do I fix this?

It’s possibly related to these issues:

A solution may be to Resync SPV Chain (make sure to make a backup first).

You can open trade dispute with ctrl/cmd + o.

Dispute didn’t work. Will try resyncing SPV chain

@huey unfortunately, deleting SPV didn’t help. If I open a support ticket, the request will go to a mediator, but I’d imagine we need an arbitrator to close the trade

Try to forcefully cancel the trade with ‘Atl+y’.

This worked, but I don’t like having a Failed tab. Thanks for the help though

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